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"we Fly" Rick Vega Ft. Ray J (explicit) By Rick Vega | Mtv

moved here No gag reel. Ats sprizin becawz normly, t'speshul feetures fun out un a Warn'r Bros. disc ta shoe a wide array o'folters ta scroll through. Heres whut t'Mun o'Steel speshul feetures menu looks like: And heres T' Dark Kniite Rises speshul feetures menu: its t'Mun o'Steels 75th anniversree, y'all would reckon t'studio may have thunk ta go all out er take thishere as un oppertuntee fer addet feetures. Ill take a clos'r look at whuts un t'disc ov'r t'weekend. Im shure thar air greet gems n' here, but overall, a'havin see whut Warn'r Bros.
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